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Camp 2020

To Those With A Heart Of Worship,

We will be forming a Worship team for this year’s Central Coast Encounter Camp and I would like to ask you to begin praying now to see if God may be prompting you to use your gifts and talents to serve Him in this way.

I need to say right up front that this is a ministry role and one that needs to be taken seriously. Participation on the Worship Team will require a great deal of time, effort and sacrifice. That being said, the blessings are tremendous when approached with the right heart and attitude. If you believe that God is calling you to this type of ministry, then I want to talk with you about it.

The Opportunities:


The key for possible selection as a singer on the Worship team is a true heart for leading people into the presence of the Lord. The ability to hear and hold a part will also be a great advantage.

Band Musicians

I hope to put together a full worship band that will include the following instruments:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Lead Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Drums and Percussion
  • Other Instruments - Violin, Sax, etc.

Note: Musicians will need to have a strong command of their instrument and have experience playing in a band setting.

The Commitment:

Being involved in ministry should always be a response to God in obedience to what He is directing you towards. It will be a sacrifice of time and with no focus on self. It is the Lord God we serve.

  1. Pray. Seek God’s direction as to whether He may be leading you to this type of ministry.
  2. There will be between 6 to 9 rehearsals of the Worship Team prior to camp. Generally on a Saturday or Sunday in Camarillo. Locations to be determined. Rehearsal schedules and details will be set after initial auditions are completed.
  3. At Camp, there will be MANDATORY, daily rehearsals from 4PM to 5PM in preparation for the evening Chapels.
  4. You will be expected to be an example at camp and set the pace for the rest of the campers in conduct and participation. You will need to be current with your daily verse memory and all other camp requirements.

I know this sounds like a lot and in truth, it is. It’s a high calling to a critical ministry, but if this sounds like something God may be leading you to, then trust me when I say that the rewards far outweigh the commitment level required.

If you are interested, please respond to me at rickt@ccencounter.org or fill out the application below so we can schedule your audition.

I would like to begin auditions in February with Worship Team rehearsals starting in March, so get your audition times scheduled as soon as possible.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful, God honoring time worshiping together this year at camp.

Keep on Praising

Rick Tener
Camp Worship Director

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