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Central Coast Encounter 2020 Talent Auditions

Calling the talented, the gifted, the dramatic, the funny. Solos, duets, trios, etc. Groups, bands, skits, readings, comedians are all welcome to come and “Audition”.

All those interested in sharing their gifts and talents at camp should start preparing now.

Talent Auditions will take place from 1:45 to 2:50 in the Chapel on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Sign up sheets will be available at camp during every meal time. Sign up early! Space is limited.


Try to keep presentations at or under 5 minutes. We want to provide as many opportunities for presenters to share as possible. Be sure to have all instruments, equipment, props and people ready to go when called for your audition time. (Come early to set up if needed). Only presentations that are edifying will be considered.

If you miss your audition time you will likely not be able to schedule a make up due to time constraints.

IN ADDITION… we will hold our 2nd annual ART Display Showcase. Those gifted in drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, etc., are welcome to display their works of art at camp for all to see.

Optional challenge: Read Luke 18:35-43 and present your vision of the first thing the Blind man saw when Jesus healed him.

All Art presentations must have a safe way for them to be displayed. It is recommended that you also provide pictures of your work on a flash drive so they may be included and presented in an Arts Display Slide Show.

God inhabits the praises of His people. Let Him be forever praised.
God Bless and we’ll see you at Camp.
Rick Tener - Camp Worship Director

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