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"I spent 10 years at Awana Mountain High Scholarship Camp (1999-2008). It was a life-changing camp...each year I'd grow closer to God and study the Word even deeper. I made lifelong friendships that stretch across the country (I met the Best Man at my wedding in 2000, and I'll be his best man in May 2015).

"When I saw the Laubachers were in charge of this camp, I was a bit jealous. They are some of the kindest, most generous I ever met, and are overflowing with the love of Christ. Then I saw Rick Tener leading worship, and now I'm just super sad that I live 3000 miles away. If you're on the edge about this, just do it...it's a blessing to be at the same camp as the Laubachers and Rick Tener, and I miss it dearly."


"Most of my favorite memories from 6th grade all the way through high school involve Awana camp. I had so much fun there, playing crazy games. I learned so much about the Lord. I created friendships that are still some of my most special friendships. I was mentored by some incredible women. Most importantly, I truly encountered God there for the first time. Awana camp had a huge part in making me the Christian that I am today. I don't think I would have the desire to serve the Lord that I have today if it weren't for the 8 years I spent as a camper and 5 years as a counselor. Awana holds such a huge place in my heart and camp is a huge reason for that."


"I've experienced camp with the Laubachers and Rick Tener for the past twelve years, first as a camper and then as a counselor. I feel like I grew up at these camps, and every year I look forward to going back.

"The Laubachers have been an integral part of these well-run camps, and I feel as though anything they coordinate or direct changes lives and molds godly leaders. As a camper at AWANA camp, I met lifelong friends, played multiple rounds of SCUM on the old pool table, and learned how to more ardently love God and His Word.

"As a counselor, I lead campers in late-night worship and devotion sessions, took them on faith-testing high ropes courses, and built relationships that have lasted for years even after my campers graduated from Journey.

"Rick Tener often led worship during my time at camp and his love for the Lord and his pursuit of excellence in leadership showed whether he was on stage or camped out on the deck jamming with campers and counselors. I got to participate in multiple talent shows he coordinated, and was truly honored to be led in worship by himself and his band while I was a camper and counselor.

"Through the godly leadership of the Laubachers and Rick Tener, my time at camp was never a fleeting experience, but a conduit by which God grew me into the believer I am today."


"Before I ever went to Awana camp, I had a friend tell me it was the best week of their year. I didn't believe him until I went for myself. It is awesome! The games were a blast, the worship music was awesome and even the food was good! The best part was making new friends. I can't wait until August to be a part of this camp."


"Camp was easily the highlight of my teen years. I anxiously looked forward to this week of camp each year. This camp is based on learning about and growing closer to the Lord. I built relationships through this camp that will last me a lifetime (literally, I met my spouse here). Through this camp, I was challenged to take my faith seriously and always pursue God. I can honestly say that the people that invested in me through camp have impacted me for the Lord and my faith would be different without it. I would encourage anyone who is able to attend this camp to do so and if you are able to be a leader at this camp, you will be encouraged and blessed in ways you never thought possible."

Share your camp testimony